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Below is a list of projects. Please go to Project Finder for more information.

  • Superior Ave Sanitary Sewer Improvements Phase II (ID 14-100403)
    The project includes the installation of approximately 860 linear feet of 18 inch ductile iron gravity sewer pipe within and near Superior Avenue in Decatur, Georgia. The project begins at an existing manhole located near North Decatur Road and terminates at the location of an existing manhole within Superior Avenue. The project will replace an existing gravity sewer line and represents the second phase of the Superior Avenue Sanitary Sewer Improvement project. Work includes, but is not limited to, the furnishing and installation of new gravity sewer, manholes, casing pipe installation, water system piping, system tie-ins, traffic control, erosion control other related appurtenances.
  • CCTV General Areas (ID 15-100455)
    CCTV is one of the most effective methods available to determine the internal condition within a closed piping system. This technology utilizes remote controlled cameras that are controlled by an operator who captures the videos on a computer. A rotating camera head provides a 360ยบ view within the pipe. Inspection data is captured on the hard drive of a computer, and then analyzed by a PACP (Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program) certified technician in the field. After this initial review, the data is then transferred to the data management team for further review and analysis. A typical CCTV inspection will reveal the structural condition of the pipe, evidence of infiltration and inflow, maintenance requirements, roots, grease, debris, and hazardous underground conditions, such as voids under roadways or cross-bored gas lines. In conjunction to the CCTV truck, a cleaning/jetter truck will often accompany the CCTV crew to assist with required cleaning and vacuum operations to allow for a more accurate structural inspection. The scope of work includes sanitary sewer television-sonar inspection of approximately 788,000 linear feet of gravity sewer mains of various sizes and at various locations within the Wastewater Collection and Transmission System.
  • Manhole Condition Assessment (ID 15-100446)
    The manhole condition assessments and associated work activities required will serve to identify corrective maintenance and rehabilitation measures for immediate or future implementation by the Department of Watershed Management (DWM).
  • Pepperwood Lift Station Improvements (ID 10-902030)
    Access road improvements, security fencing, new pumps, potable water supply improvements, convert generator to natural gas, new transfer switch.
  • Perimeter Park Lift Station Improvements (ID 10-902030)
    Revise site layout for maintenance operations, lighting and security modifications.
  • Royal Atlanta I Lift Station Improvements (ID 13-100345)
    Replacement of pumps, flow meter installation, equalization basin modifications, cover for equalization basin, lining of equalization basin and wetwell.
  • Hammer Mill III Lift Station Improvements (ID 10-902030)
    Replacement of pumps, potable water meter and backflow device.
  • Scarborough Square Lift Station Improvements (ID 15-100457)
    Station and access improvements.
  • Fairington Lift Station Improvements (ID 10-902030)
    Rehabilitation and upgrade of lift station.
  • Lower Crooked Creek II Lift Station Improvements - Phase III (ID 11-100226)
    Replace piping and electrical modifications.
  • Columbia Drive Lift Station Improvements (ID 10-902030)
    Revise site layout, improve site drainage, new wetwell, pumps and generator.
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